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Here I have listed all the computer games I have.

My Pc Configuration is

2.4 GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor

D 845 GVSR Mother board (Intel Original)

256 MB 333 MHz Hynix DDR RAM

40 GB Samsung HDD

48X 52X Samsung CD R/W

No Graphics card (Inbuilt 64 MB Intel extreme graphics).


1)     Project IGI 1

2)     Project IGI 2 : Covert Strike

3)     Medal of Honor : Allied Assault

4)     Call of Duty 1

5)     Commandoes 3 : destination Berlin

6)     Prince of Persia : The Warrior within

7)     Desert Storm

8)     Max Payne 1

9)     Max Payne 2

10) Mafia : the city of lost heaven

11) MIG 29 : fulcrum

12) Spiderman 1

13) Spiderman 2

14) GTA : vice city

15) Road Rash

16) Need for speed : under ground

17) Cricket 2002

18) Line of sight : Vietnam

19) Tactical OOPS : fight against terror

20) Stolen

And some more……..

Excluding 2 to 3 of them, I like to play them. From my list, probably you have got that I like to play action games. They are dynamic, needs lots of attentions and one can use his/her gray cells to find out the best way. Among them, Mafia was my first game in PC. I will discuss about this hobby and my experiences with those game, and also lots of sites who have related links are coming soon here. I promise, one day, this page will be in your must visit list- if you like to play PC games.
Thanks for visiting